The mind does not always perceive things the way they truly are, but rather the way that we want to see them. Weird but true, have a look at the mind-altering illusions below and watch your eyes as they have a mind of their own!

Stare at the grey dot in the center.
Now move your head forward and backward.
As your head moves the circles will appear to be spinning.

Here you get the impression that all the lines of blocks are crooked, yet they are equally laid out and spaced.

Count the black dots.
Yes, they move.

Keep staring at the black dot.
After a while the grey haze will appear to shrink.

How many legs does this elephant have?

The checkerboard may appear to be caved in, but your eyes are playing tricks on you.

Here is a two dimensional image that gives the illusion of three dimensions.

Duck or Rabbit?

Stare at the picture for at least 30 seconds, then look at a blank piece of paper. You should see a glowing light bulb.

A man’s face.
And the word liar.

Is the left center or right center circle bigger?
They’re the same size.

Find the lowest (or highest) step in the staircase.

Is the man looking straight ahead or off to the left?

Focus on the yellow dots and follow their rotation. The wheel spins clockwise.
Focus on the red dots and follow their rotation. The wheel spins counter clockwise.

Stare at the center of the image.
A new color will appear.