Way Universe has very strict posting guidelines. If you are a guest writer and your articles are not getting approved, here's a few tips.

First off, articles you submit must be original and not posted elsewhere on the internet. This rule is strictly enforced. Way Universe is a source of original content by highly qualified writers. We work hard to maintain this standard. We are not a source of spun articles, duplicate articles, or any kind of link spam. If you would like to write for us we welcome you, so long as you follow our guidelines.

Second, and this should go without saying, but your articles must be well-written with correct spelling and grammar. Your articles must read as a professional piece of work.

Third, Way Universe only accepts articles written in English.

Fourth, your articles can contain hyperlinks. However, you are limited to only 2 within your article. They should be used when sourcing your material.

Fifth, articles must be at least 350 words in length. 500+ words is a better standard to strive toward. There is no maximum length of articles. However, if your article is very long (more than 2,000 words), consider splitting it up into a multi-part article series.

Sixth, all articles must have a default picture. For help with uploading and managing article pictures, see this tutorial.

Seventh and finally, your article must have value. Way Universe is not looking to publish everything and anything. We do not write articles for search engines. We write articles for human beings that human beings want to read.

If you can utilize word processing software such as Microsoft Word (for spelling and grammar) and are looking to post genuine, unique content, then your articles will have no problem getting approved. After you've written a few and can demonstrate you are a competent and capable writer, your access level will automatically be elevated to Contributor, where you can post articles to Way Universe without pre-approval.