This is a simple exercise. Anyone can do it and it will allow you to see your aura.

Step one

Turn off the lights and darken the room. It should not be pitch black, you should be able to faintly make out objects in the room.

Step two

Sit upright, either in a chair or at the foot of your bed. Take a few deep breaths. Extend your arms straight in front of you so that they are perpendicular to your body. Spread your fingers and turn your hands inward toward each other. Move your hands together and interlock your fingers.

Step three

Slowly move your hands apart and look past them at the wall. A wall that is dark in color gives the best visual effect. Continue to separate your hands slowly until your fingertips are about a half inch apart. Continue to look past your fingers and at the wall. Finally, curl all of your fingers inward except for your index fingers.

Between your index fingers you should see a smoky haze of light. This is your aura.